Are you the owner of a gift shop or SPA?

Whether you retail crystal glass nail files in your shop or whether you are willing to offer your customers new product, look no further. Crystal glass nail file is that ideal new, fresh and trendy thing everyone wants to own.

crystal glass nail files with crystals

Are you wholesaler wishing to increase its assortment?

We are able to supply in commercial sizes. Do not miss the opportunity to benefit from implementing high-quality crystal glass nail files into your assortment. Easy to introduce to a new public, easy to deliver, no more additional logistic and transpiration cost, these are only few advantages. You can expand your possible customers’ chain in many times.

crystal glass nail files display stand

Detailed information can be obtained form our official representatives and sales managers. If you are interested in our offer, do not hesitate contacting us.

You are a customer who wants to buy crystal glass nail file, visit our official e-shop.

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