We started and it worked out for us.


Fulgent World. At the begining our company owned a small chain of shops, where we sold accessories, gifts, and souvenirs. In the mean time we discovered a huge potential in a crystal nail file. So,eventually we decided to open our own production line of crystal glass nail files.


Fulgent World offers you only quality products, the quality of which we can check from the very first steps of production. And of course, all of our products meet European Union standarts of quality.


Fulgent World was founded in Prague, has unique motto and goals. Our team always welcomes new and young personnel, for providing new and progressive ideas.


We are able to supply or products almost in every part of the world, thanks to our cooperation with good logistics companies.

Moreover, if you will need a unique design of your own on the crystal nail file, we are glad to help with the creation of it, and of course we will gladly produce these crystal glass nail files for you. We have more items to offer, including compact mirrors, suitable as corporate gift.


decorated crystal glass nail files

crystal glass nail files display stand

crystal glass nail files packing

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