Crystal glass nail files are made in Czech Republic by Fulgent Wolrd. We use tempered Czech glass that is more durable comparing to other types of glass. Even if you manage to break it by throwing against a wall, it will not brake into small pieces that can cut you.


 In crystal glass nail files production we use modern technologies all together with traditional ways . The original product that crystal glass nail files made from is tempered float glass. The next step in production process is nail files form making, after which we create famous abrasive working surface.


 But before the last step of coloring, decorating and painting, there is one more crucial process of tempering actual crystal glass nail file.

crystal glass nail files production

Main advantages of our crystal glass nail files are;

  • don’t break in case of occasional dropping
  • high thermal stability
  • almost unbreakable, but if do, into big and safe enough pieces


We have a lot of new shapes that we can cut for you. These shapes of crystal glass nail files are unique, and are not used by anyone:

crystal glass nail files sizes

crystal glass nail files styles

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